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Reeves Brewing, Distilling, Bottling and Bar Supplies

Bar and Cellar Supplies

  • 2.5-gallon (11litre) graduated plastic bucket B1020.
  • 12 litre graduated stainless steel bucket B1001/G.
  • Garcin Extractor for removing wooden bungs or shives from casks, with safety guard. B1047. (Spare spears available.)
  • Plastic Velincher, 610mm long, with pull off joints for cleaning. B1049
  • Rubber Mallet, round head and wooden handle. Weight 0.6kg. B1053
  • Wooden Beer Tap for hardwood casks, 190mm (7!/2") long with tail to suit 25mm hole. B1209

Brewers' and Distillers' Gauging Rods

  • Rods are graduated every 2mm and figured every 1cm in accordance with requirements of HM Customs and Excise. They are normally made of seasoned wood, but some can be made in duralumin or stainless steel.
  • Float Rods screw into a stainless steel welded float. Any length made to order. For wet dip.
  • Shoulder Rods have a metal shoulder and tipped end. Any length made to order. For dry dip.
  • Wash Charger Rods have a ring at the top and brass T-piece at the bottom to prevent withdrawal. Any length made to order. For wet dip.
  • Spirit Vat Rods are brass tipped at the top with a solid brass shoe at the base. Any length made to order For wet dip.
  • Spirit Receiver Rods have a ring at the top and a brass shoe at the base prevents withdrawal. Any length made to order. For wet dip.
  • Wet Dip Tapes are for deep fermenting vessels etc. where rigid dip rods are impracticable. Graduated in cm and mm. With winding handle and brass sinking weight.
  • Mini Vacuity Rod is used to measure evaporation (the angels' share) in American barrels, Hogsheads, and Butts for 3 to 9 years. It also measures dry dip up to 30cm.
  • Bung Rod measures diagonal line litres, area litres, and wet dip up to 120cm.

Carbonation and Air Determination

  • Stainless Steel Carbonation Tester
  • Stainless Steel Air and CO2 Tester
  • Crossbar Steel Air and CO2 Tester
  • Universal Tester
  • Bottle Testers
  • Safe Carbonation Tester

Colourimetric Testing

E.B.C. Colour Scale - apparatus for the colour grading of beers, malt worts, caramel solutions and similarly coloured liquids.

Distillation Analysis

  • Revenue Still to Dr Thorpe's pattern for use in determining Original Gravity by Distillation.
  • Density Bottles, specially adjusted and numbered according to BS733
  • Density Bottle Thermometers

Glass Volumetric Equipment

  • Mashing Flask to BS701 graduated at 500ml and 515ml for laboratory mashing.
  • Measuring Cylinders to BS604, soda glass, Class B, with permanent amber graduations.
  • Average System Measures, available with a certificate of accuracy.
  • Optic Measures To NWML 7320
  • Beer Measures To NWML 7320

Maltsters' Appliances

  • Sack Sampler, 900mm long, 25mm diameter brass tube with revolving shutter, plastic handle and spike end. For taking samples at three different levels. B0865
  • Grobecher Barley Cutter, a hand held stainless steel farinator, which cuts 50 corns. B0868
  • Grist Separator, a hardwood box with sieves of tinned wire mesh and nylon gauze for separating grist into husks, nodules and flour. B0886
  • Barley Separator, similar to the above, but with slotted steel sieves of 2.2nun, 2.5mm and 2.8mm. B0887

Pipe, Tube and Bottle Brushes


  • Hand Held Refractometers, practical and robust, used to determine sugar content using only a few drops of liquid.
  • Flow Cell Refractometer
  • Automatic Digital Refractometer

Sampling Glasses (Nosing Glasses)

A range of plain and graduated glasses

Standard Analysis Apparatus

  • Barley Sieving Machine has an electronically operated set of three sieves, receiver and cover to separate barley corns according to diameter. As recommended by E.B.C. for sieving test.
  • Automatic Mashing Bath, electrically heated and controlled, with four brass beakers individually stirred. The water chamber is also stirred. Suitable for extract determination as specified in Analytica E.B.C. 1975 for Harting and Congress methods.
  • Buhler-Miag Mill is an electrically operated Universal Laboratory disc mill with adjustable grinding. Recommended by the Institute of Brewing for coarse and fine grist in hot and cold water extract determination.


  • Cellar, Wall and Coldroom Thermometers
  • Distillers' Thermometer
  • Fermenting Vat Thermometers
  • Hand Held Digital Thermometers
  • Hot Liquor Thermometers
  • Mash Tun Thermometers, Digital
  • Pipe Thermometers, angle and straight pipe thermometers, cylindrical metal cased with male revolving union. Engraved on stem, mercury or red liquid filled tube and silvered brass scale. Encapsulated to prevent leakage in the event of breakage
  • Pocket Thermometers, 127mm graduated on glass, mercury or red spirit (RS) filled, supplied in a plastic case with pocket clip. Some types are individually numbered and suitable for quality systems.
  • Sample Can Thermometers

Laboratory Thermometers

All laboratory type thermometers are graduated on the glass.
Slotted brass and slotted stainless steel cases are available for the 305mm thermometers.
Contact us for ranges available.

  • 305mm mercury filled laboratory thermometers.
  • Strengthened 305mm red spirit filled laboratory thermometers.
  • 305mm thermometer to BS 1704, available with a NAMAS test certificate.
  • 220mm thermometer to BS 1365 available with a NAMAS test certificate. (This thermometer is recommended by the I.O.B. for original gravity and alcohol content determination.)
  • 375mm Standard Thermometers, can be supplied as a pair in a leatherette case, and with NAMAS test certificates. A slotted stainless steel case (B518/SSC) is also available.
  • 152mm strengthened gravity bottle thermometer graduated at 19°C and 21°C, available with a BSI certificate.
  • 127mm, 177mm and 190mm gravity bottle thermometers.

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